Bystander captures the adorable moment a goose snuggles a puppy to protect it from the cold

The kingdom animalia is full of surprises. Many people assume that animals only care to make sure their own species survive. In some cases, this is simply not true.

There are many stories about interspecies friendships floating around on the internet.

Sometimes there is a dog who adopts a kitten after her litter dies. Other times there is a dog who befriends a cow. These stories usually create a narrative of one animal who went out of their way to comfort another despite all their differences. This is one of those stories.

It’s the story of a goose who sheltered a puppy from the cold during a cold front earlier this year.

Source: Snopes

How did a goose and a puppy meet?

Well, according to Snopes, a polar vortex hit North America during January of 2019 and a random citizen spotted a goose cradling a cold puppy in its wings.

The man finds a goose that was shaking with cold stuck to a pole in Montana,” a Facebook post explains. “The goose was sheltering with her wings a puppy that was about to die frozen. We have so much to learn as a species.”

Source: Suzanne PadaPetra

I would say humans have a lot to learn from this goose. She spent the whole night making sure the puppy stayed warm enough to survive. This is some seriously kind behavior on the part of the goose.

It’s thought that the goose acted upon motherly instincts as soon as she saw the puppy.

She did not want the puppy to suffer so she covered it with her feathers in an attempt to keep the biting away from the puppy. We think that the goose hoped her cuddles would keep the puppy from dying in the winter.

Source: Snopes

Unfortunately, the origin of the information and photographs are unclear, but they are heartwarming anyway. According to Snopes, the photos had been popping up in Chinese social media since 2017 and are believed to be from that area.

Despite this unclear origin, it doesn’t mean that dogs and birds cannot be friendly towards each other.

Althought he back story behind these particular photographs are unclear, it isn’t unprecedented for birds and dogs to strike up friendshops. A pelican in Turket named Osman became a bit of a local celebrity after befriending a dog” the website states.

This unlikely friendship shows us that people should help anyone despite any differences they might have. The differences between people don’t seem that important when you think that we are all living on the same earth and wish on the same stars.

We should all help each other get through the difficult times of our lives regardless of any different opinions or appearances we may possess. Just like the goose protecting the puppy from the cold.

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