Dad Put Camera In Car To Show 4 Dogs Flipping Out When They Hear They’re Going To The Dog Park

We all remember the excitement we felt when our parents took us to the park as kids. Those are memories you cherish till you die. It’s no different for dogs. They are just big kids after all!


When this man decided to take his four German Shorthaired Pointers out for a drive, he didn’t tell them where they were headed. He wanted to see if they could guess by themselves.

Now, don’t be fooled by the large size of these dogs. On the inside, they’re all children who just realized they’re headed to their favorite place on earth! Although Pointers are known to be affectionate and well-behaved dogs, when they sense it’s playtime, nothing can hold back their excitement.

All the dad has to do is ask “Alright y’all, where we going?”


Madness ensues and they begin to howl with excitement. It gets so out of hand that dad has trouble keeping them in control and drive at the same time.

Seeing these dogs so happy and loved makes my heart melt and makes want to hug my dog and take him to the park too!

Click the video below as these four goofballs go crazy with anticipation.

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