Dog Rescuer Finds Beauty And Happiness In Deformed Dog

Angela Adan, a dog rescuer with Marley’s Mutts Dog Rescue, has seen a lot of sad dogs in her life. Every time she saves a dog, she tries her hardest not to cry. She wants to stay strong for the dogs, so they know that everything will be okay. However, when she met a little dog called Freddie Mercury, she couldn’t hold back her tears.

Freddie is a tiny Chihuahua mix that was found under a car. Adan drove about four hours to save her, and it was definitely worth it. After all, Adan didn’t know the extent of Freddie’s needs until bringing her home.

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Rescuing Freddie

When Adan drove Freddie to safety, the little dog was wrapped in a blanket. Freddie rode all the way home in her snug blanket, so Adan didn’t get a good look at her until they got home. After taking the bedding off the rescued pup, Adan discovered that Freddie was very malnourished. She also had serious dental problems and a deformed leg.

Poor Freddie’s legs were splayed, so she had a hard time moving around. The poor pup clearly had a rough life, and she probably didn’t even know what a loving family was. So, Adan carefully pet the little dog, trying to give her as much comfort as possible. To her surprise, Freddie licked her face in response as if to say, “thank you!”

Image: @ready_freddie_/Instagram

“There are moments when I know that dogs are truly thanking me, and this was absolutely one of those moments. She knows she’s safe and cared for now,” said Adan.

At that moment, Adan knew that Freddie had to be more than just a foster dog. She needed Freddie in her family. So, the tiny dog joined her family of 6 other rescue dogs, many of which also had special needs.

Image: @ready_freddie_/Instagram

A Family of Rescue Dogs

Freddie fit in with her new family right away. In fact, she is always happy to give her mom more kisses. She has learned to move around on her back feet much more easily since being rescued. Adan jokingly says that the little dog looks like a T-Rex.

If Freddie had stayed at a shelter or rescue, she might’ve never found a loving home. She doesn’t look like most dogs, but Adan loves her anyway. Adan sees Freddie for the sweet, beautiful dog that she is.

Being able to provide a loving home for many special needs dogs makes Adan so grateful. Freddie’s health concerns could affect her lifespan, so Adan will spend every moment making sure the little dog can feel what true love and care is like.

Image: @ready_freddie_/Instagram

“People often ask me how I do it. ‘How can you foster a special needs dog knowing she could pass away at any day?’ The answer is simple. Dogs teach me to just have fun and be in the moment,” said Adan. “I do my best to enjoy this time right here, right now, and not worry about what happened yesterday and what will happen tomorrow.”

Adan strongly believes that every dog is deserving of love, especially Freddie. She knows that Freddie is special. After all, the little dog always looks up at her new mom with gratitude. Clearly, she knows she’s safe now.

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Featured Image: @ready_freddie_/Instagram

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