Dog Saves Owner’s Life After He Passes Out Due To Complications Of COPD

We all love our dogs for different reasons. Some of us appreciate the companionship and others appreciate the protection, but for a man named Gregory Gould, he loves the fact that his dog is a hero.

It happened a few years ago, but it is still inspiring to dog lovers today.

Snickers is a loving dog who knows how to take care of its owner. He is a border collie mixed with a pointer, and due to the action he took to save Gregory’s life, he was honored as a hero.


It happened in Oshawa, Ontario when a dog was spotted pacing back and forth in the driveway. Constable Rob Garnett responded to the call with his partner and they found the dog barking and blocking the driveway.

The family that called about the dog didn’t recognize him but the daughter thought that he might live next door.


Garnett decided it would be a good idea to check with the neighbor but nobody answered the door. When he looked through the window, he saw Gregory on the floor, unconscious due to complications from COPD.

It took no time for Garnett to break down the door and assess the situation. He called paramedics and while he was waiting for them to arrive, he began to piece together what happened.

It seems as if Snickers was desperate to get help for his owner after he passed out so he threw himself against the screen door repeatedly until it finally opened and let him outside.


In the end, Mr. Gould got the help he needed and Snickers received an induction into the Purina Animal Hall of Fame in 2013.

What a good boy!

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