Dog Throws A Major Tantrum When Mom Decides To Take The Stairs Instead Of The Elevator

Nala has always been the friendliest dog and loves going out on adventures and meeting new people. However, she has one tiny vice.

I think I just found my spirit animal. Nala is a friendly dog who loves making new friends with people and being taken on adventures. However, Nala does not like to exercise – same!

As her pet mom, Aurora Angel Beste described her to The Dodo, “She’s quite the character. So friendly but so, so lazy.”

I feel personally attacked by that statement…

Since Nala doesn’t care much for exercise – especially when it’s not her own initiation, she and her mom usually end up taking the elevator whenever they arrive home. And, if they don’t ride the elevator, the stubborn husky demands to be carried.

On a recent trip to the vet, Nala’s doctor mentioned that she was starting to get a little chubby. That is when Beste decided that it would do both of them some good to get a little more movement into their day – Nala was not happy about that.

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