Dog walker takes adorable group photos of the dogs he walks every day

If you have a busy life, then you might turn to someone else to walk your dog. Regardless of your schedule, your dog still needs to be walked to get the level of activity they need to stay healthy. For many people who own a dog but are too busy to walk them, they turn to professional dog walkers, like Tim Pink of Saratoga Springs, New York.

Pink is different in that he likes to take photos of the dogs he walks, up to 20 at a time. What is even more amazing is that he can get them all to sit still while doing so. Which leaves many wondering, what is his secret?

Tim Pink has some major dog photography skills

Source: Instagram/saratogadogwalkers

Getting into the dog-walking business in 2011, Pink walks his massive pack of dogs around the town of Saratoga Springs and the surrounding areas. But it is his skill as a dog photographer that has gotten the most buzz.

Many who use his services call him a dog whisperer.

People love to come out and take pictures of Pink and his pack

Source: Instagram/saratogadogwalkers

Many people will come out of their homes or get out of their cars when Pink and his herd of dogs are in their area just to snap a photo of the pack.

Pink and the other walkers who work with him like to visit local landmarks or different residential neighborhoods to keep the walks new and exciting for the dogs.

Keeping his photos focused on the dogs

Source: Instagram/saratogadogwalkers

Occasionally, Pink will appear in a photo with the dogs, but for the most part, many of his photos are of the dogs he loves to walk.

But Pink doesn’t just include any dog in his photo. He has gotten to know each canine to learn how much, if any, obedience training they have had.

Pink knows his dogs very well

Source: Instagram/saratogadogwalkers

Also, Pink learns the temperament of each dog, introducing any potential candidates slowly. He knows each dog by name and calls them out to give them words of encouragement while walking. This friendly approach is often enough to keep his charges from getting distracted or unruly.

“When called, each dog looks right up at him, no matter what is going on around the pack, including when someone else is walking their dog or when there’s traffic,” local newspaper The Daily Gazette revealed in an interview.

Where to find more of Pink’s work

Source: Instagram/saratogadogwalkers

Pink posts his photos on an Instagram account dedicated to his business and the dogs. In addition to walks, Pink also offers boarding for the dogs of clients that have to go out of town.

For more information on Pink and Saratoga Dog Walkers, visit the company’s Website or its Facebook page.

Check out the video below for a glimpse of what it’s like to walk so many dogs. Look at how obedient they all are!

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Source: Instagram/saratogadogwalkers

H/T: Bored PandaThe Daily Gazette

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