Dog Was Burned & Shot With BB Gun As She Desperately Tried To Protect Her Puppy

Pumpkin the dog wasn’t even a year old when she was found in a badly abused state on the streets of Houston. A passerby was “amused” to see Pumpkin’s tattered body due to intense chemical burns. The person took the dog’s photo and posted it online.

Source: Kelaroo/Rumble

Poor Pumpkin was openly being mocked on social media, until some animal lovers found the viral post. The people who were disturbed by the demeaning post reached out to local animal activists, who immediately set out to rescue the abused dog.

Source: Kelaroo/Rumble

But when the rescuers arrived, they were shocked to find Pumpkin fiercely trying to protect her newborn puppy. The rescuers rushed the pair to the hospital, praying that they would make it. At the hospital, it was found that Pumpkin was also shot with a BB pellet gun.

Source: Kelaroo/Rumble

Sadly, while she was receiving her treatment, her puppy passed away due to malnourishment and severe weakness. Pumpkin was shattered and wanted to give up on life, but her rescuers begged her to hold on.

Source: Kelaroo/Rumble

Pumpkin was placed with foster mom Kelly Williams, and that became a turning point in the dog’s life. Pumpkin fell in love with her doggie siblings, while she gradually regained her health and developed a remarkable zest for life!

Source: Kelaroo/Rumble

Kelly was so enamored by her first “little dog” that she ended up adopting Pumpkin! Today, this sweet pooch loves being surrounded by her 6 doggie siblings who dote on her all the time. Pumpkin’s recovery and transformation has been a complete miracle, and we thank every kind soul who helped her heal!

Click the video below to watch Pumpkin bravely defeat her physical and emotional setbacks!

WARNING: The contents of this video may be disturbing to some viewers.

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