Eyeless Puppy Left Road-Side Learns What ‘Real Love’ Feels Like

All dogs are precious creatures. That is why we keep ours close to us and safe, and spoil them a ton. But for Snow, he didn’t get to experience what it was like to be a puppy that is loved and cherished. Instead, he was cast out on a country road, all alone, in a dirty cage.

Source: DogRescue

When Snow was found, it was obvious he was in a state of neglect. The tiny puppy was filthy and skinny. The rescuers also noticed he was blind. Snow’s eyes were so bad, in fact, that they needed to be removed.

Source: DogRescue

Amazingly, Snow was adopted quickly after surgery by a loving family in Germany. They were ready to put the time in to teach him how to navigate the world without eyes. Snow learned quickly. He’s an amazing dog!

Source: DogRescue

The brave pup also has doggy siblings and they LOVE to play and go on adventures together. Snow begins to grow into a beautiful dog. Puppyhood is so much fun but seeing him become the dog he’s meant to be is simply beautiful!

Source: DogRescue

Snow went from a tragic abandonment case to a total success story! Don’t deprive yourself of this heartwarming story that takes a pup from the streets to the happiest home imaginable. Click play on the video below!

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