Family leaves lonely senior dog to fend for himself on the streets after they move away

The rate of homeless dogs around the world keeps on rising, especially amid this global health crisis. Some people and families are forced to move away from their homes, leaving their animal companions behind, not because they simply want to but because they have to.

This dog in the story though had a bitter fate as his owners abandoned him behind when they left home. Not knowing if they’ll be back or not, this poor pooch decided to stick around and wait for them to come and pick him up.

Unfortunately, it’s been over a year since they left, and this dog has been living on the streets, trying to survive on his own.

If a homeless person struggles to survive, then it must be ten times harder for a dog. It must’ve been very tough for him to live alone and to look for food on the streets every single day.

Pumba is a senior dog mercilessly left by his owners in their neighborhood after they moved away. The dog carefully roams around the streets and sometimes rests near his previous home in hopes that his owners will come back.

Unfortunately, it had been like this for more than a year and there had been no signs of the owners coming back to get him. Thankfully, some kind neighbors started feeding the poor dog.

Hope for Paws learned about Pumba’s story after receiving a call from a concerned individual.

Hope for Paws immediately took action after someone alerted them about Pumba. HFP sent out JoAnn Wiltz and Lisa Arturo to rush to the scene. Just a few seconds after reaching the reported location, they already had eyes on Pumba resting on a grass patch near the sidewalk.

They parked their car a good distance from Pumba, but the dog still noticed the two of them getting out of the vehicle. As Pumba left his spot, JoAnn and Lisa then set up an open cage to lure Pumba with food inside it.

Pumba, however, was smart enough.

He’s really been through a lot and a lame cage didn’t seem to fool him.

Pumba returned to the same spot while Lisa and JoAnn waited patiently in their car. The dog was delighted to see that there was food in front of him but he also knew that the rescuers were trying to trap him in that cage. Pumba was smart enough not to put his hind legs inside the cage as he cautiously grabbed the food inside. The rescuers were left with no choice but to go out and catch the dog personally.

It soon became clear to Pumba that the rescuers were there to save him.

He obviously felt that they meant no harm and that they only wanted to take him out of the streets.

The dog was still hungry but he ran away as soon as he saw the leash in their hands. However, the rescuers did not give up easily and carefully chased him down the street. After spending some time persuading him, the pooch finally learned to trust them and freely grabbed the food from their hands.

Lisa and JoAnn gently put the leash on Pumba and then carried him to the backseat of their car. The rescuers drove to the veterinary hospital to give Pumba the care he needed before settling him in a foster home.

Call him sweet Pumba.

He instantly showed his appreciation towards his rescuers. Look at that smile! Isn’t he cute?

Pumba instantly transformed into a lovable pooch. The senior dog loved all the attention he was getting from the people from the hospital, and not to mention, the foster home he was sent to.

Pumba was living alongside the other foster dogs and it was clear how happy he was with his new family. Pumba is spending the remainder of his life as a senior dog in a loving environment and he is eternally grateful for it.

Let this story be an eye-opener to all of us, especially to dog owners. Senior dogs like Pumba also deserve love, care, and attention, just like any other dog. Actually, no dog deserves to be living alone in the streets, they all deserve a forever family and a forever home.

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