Family puppy protects toddler lost in Siberian wilderness for more than 10 days

You always hear the saying, “dog is man’s best friend”. When it comes to Korina and her loyal puppy, Kyrachaan, though, we are shown that a dog’s love knows no bounds when it comes to their humans. Male or female, adult or child, it doesn’t matter. They will be loyal to you through it all.

Korina Chikitova was only 3 ½-years-old when she and her puppy went wandering from their home in the remote region of the Sakha Republic in search of her father. Located in the far upper reaches of North-Eastern Russia, Olom village is bordered by the Siberian Taiga, a vast, thickly wooded forest that straddles the Arctic Circle.

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Korina was staying with her grandma while her parents were working in the fields in a nearby village. When her dad, Rodion, was called on as a volunteer to help fight the huge wildfires on July 29th of 2014, though, things got confusing. He left the girl with the grandmother, or so he thought.

Little did he know she had tried to follow after him. When the grandma couldn’t find Korina, she assumed that her father had decided to take her after all.

Being that their village is so remote, there aren’t any good phone connections and Korina’s mom, Aitlana, had assumed she was still at her grandma’s house, where she left her. When she returned to hear that Korina had gone off with her husband, it didn’t make sense to her.

Source: Siberian Times/Sakha Republic Rescue Service

It took Aitlana 4 days to find a good phone connection to reach her husband. On August 2nd, he confirmed the worst of his wife’s fears; Korina wasn’t with him.

That’s when Aitlana called the police. Search and rescue teams, along with police, showed up to the scene the following morning, on August 3rd. Little Korina had been on her own in the bear and wolf inhabited forest for six days already, and everyone feared they might be too late to save her.

The lost little girl had an angel keeping watch over her the entire time, though, and his name was Kyrachaan. Her loyal puppy had followed her into the woods and wouldn’t leave her side.

Source: Siberian Times/Sakha Republic Rescue Service

Everyone scoured the taiga high and low for the toddler, but she was nowhere to be found.

Korina and Kyrachaan survived for 9 days in the forest together by this point, feeding on wild berries and river water to keep them going. Being just a toddler, it is amazing she knew what berries to eat, and that they weren’t poisonous.

Korina’s puppy kept her warm by cuddling up to her at night and stayed close during the day. On August 6th, though, the pup apparently knew that if he were going to save his little girl, he was going to need to find help.

Source: Siberian Times/Sakha Republic Rescue Services

The puppy left Korina huddled in a tall tuft of the summer grasses and went in search of help.

When Kyrachaan returned home without Korina, everyone who was searching for her had their hearts sink. Now, even if she was still alive, she was completely and utterly alone, lost and feeling helpless somewhere without a way to keep warm or be protected.

The puppy was more optimistic. He worked to get the searcher’s attention and lead them back through the forest to find Korina. As reported by The Siberian Times, searchers made it just over 20 yards into the tall grasses when the puppy led them straight to the little girl.

Source: Siberian Times/Sakha Republic Rescue Service

Korina was weak from lack of nutrients, but fully conscious and otherwise healthy.

She had no broken bones, but she did have quite a few scratches as she had lost her shoes some time ago, and A LOT of mosquito bites.

Source: Siberian Times/Sakha Republic Rescue Service

While she didn’t have much to say to reporters when she was found, other than her puppy kept her warm and they lived on berries and water, she was incredibly thankful to her rescuers.

She made sure to give the man who carried her a big kiss as he put her in the van.

Source: Siberian Times/Sakha Republic Rescue Service

Korina was returned to her family once again, with her heroic puppy in tow. This was a miracle, by and large, as there are countless dangers lurking through any forest for adults, let alone small children in the wild reaches of the Siberian taiga.

Thank God that she was found safe and, of course, the angel puppy that protected and guided her, and eventually saved her.

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