Game of Thrones Star Donates Nearly $63,000 To Dog Rescue Affected By COVID

The COVID-19 pandemic is a difficult time for everyone. While many shelters and rescues have witnessed more adoptions than usual, they are not getting as many donations. Many people have lost their jobs during this time, so even if they want to help out, it’s very hard to. So, dog rescues are asking for increased support lately.

Bristol Animal Rescue Centre is one of the many rescues that is struggling during the quarantine. They encouraged people to adopt, foster, and donate more than ever. To their surprise, they got even more help than they’d anticipated.

Maisie Williams, the 23-year-old who played Arya Stark on Game of Thrones, felt a special connection to the Bristol, England rescue. In 2016, she adopted her dog, Sonny, from them. Sonny had changed her life for the better, and she strongly believed that more people should adopt instead of shop. So, she decided to help the rescue in any way possible.

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Williams donated £50,000 to the rescue, which is about $62,945. When the staff received the donation, they could not believe their eyes. It was the most generous donation they’d ever seen. Since they had to cancel their fundraisers and adoption events, this money made an even bigger impact on them than usual.

“To know that Maisie respects and loves what we do means the world to us,” said rescue manager Jodie Hayward. “I couldn’t believe it when I heard what she had done to support us, I had to hold back a few tears!”

Image: @Bristolanimalrescuecentre/Facebook

The rescue cannot even begin to express their gratitude for Williams’ donation. So, they made a special video to properly thank her. In the video, each staff member thanks Williams for her kind heart. Of course, many of them were filmed with a rescue dog too. After all, the money will go toward helping keep these dogs happy, healthy, and safe.

“Bristol A.R.C. changes the lives of animals every day and Sonny, my dog who I adopted from them a few years ago, has changed my life in many ways for the better,” said Williams. “It’s so important in these difficult times not to forget about charities like Bristol A.R.C. that need our help.”

Image: @Bristolanimalrescuecentre/Facebook

Williams encourages others to donate to this rescue and to other rescues and shelters if you’re able. Her donation made a huge difference, but they can still use as much help as possible. Currently, they estimated that they will lose about £250,000 of their income in the upcoming months because of COVID-19. It is a tough time for everyone, but charities still need as much support as possible.

Featured Image: @Bristolanimalrescuecentre/Facebook

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