German shepherd charges a full-grown bear while protecting his family during a hike

When the bear raced towards the family, it looked like the worst would happen. Luckily, Sally wasn’t going to let the animal hurt her humans.

It all began when the Bates family decided to go on a hike in Kachemak Bay State Park.

Source: Facebook – Weatherly Bates

The Bateses, their German Shepherd Sally and their other dog were enjoying the park when something terrifying happened.

A huge black bear ran out of the trees. The bear was racing towards the family’s children.

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The children had no hope of getting away from the bear in time.

The family members started yelling at the bear, hoping to scare it off. But it was undeterred and kept on heading towards the kids.

But then Sally leaped forward and put herself between the kids and the bear.

Source: Facebook – Weatherly Bates

The brave German Shepherd bared her teeth and kept on snarling at the approaching bear.

The bear kept on approaching and eventually swiped at Sally. Sally fought back, determined to protect her family.

Then the bear started biting Sally. But Sally never gave up, biting back as hard as she could.

The family’s other dog saw that the bear was going to overpower Sally. Soon, the bear had Sally’s head in its jaws. So the other dog ran up and tried to help Sally.

Sally was able to get her head out of the bear’s grip, and the two dogs kept on fighting the animal.

As this was happening, the father of the family reached into his backpack for his gun.

When he had the gun, he ran up to the bear and started kicking at it, hoping that it would stop attacking Sally.

Soon, the father was in a position where he could aim at the bear without endangering his dogs.

The father shot the bear, and it immediately stopped moving. The animal was dead.

Sally and the other dog moved back, realizing that their struggle was over.

The family checked Sally and realized that she had sustained several injuries.

The Bateses rushed back to their car and drove as fast as they could to a vet.

Luckily, the vet was able to treat Sally’s injuries.

Source: Facebook – Weatherly Bates

One week after the attack, she was recovering well. She may have a few scars. But otherwise, she would be just like her old self.

“She got a lot of puncture wounds because the bear was biting her head, but she’s gonna be fine.” – Weatherly Bates.

Source: Facebook – Weatherly Bates

The most surprising thing about this story is not Sally’s bravery. Let’s face it, German Shepherds are natural protectors. Instead, the most surprising thing was the aggressiveness of the bear.

State officials have said that salmon numbers in the park that the Bates family went to are far lower than in previous years.

This has made the bears more desperate than ever for food, resulting in the attack.

Naturally, the two Bates children were shaken by the attack, but they were both unharmed. However, they have also gained an even greater appreciation of Sally than ever before.

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