Guilty Dogs Caught Red Headed Stealing Spaghetti

Remember when you were a kid and your mom caught you red-handed in your Halloween candy after telling you that you had enough? You can never forget that wave of shame that made your face feel like it was melting. Your heart pounded so hard that it was nearly bursting out of your chest. You had no choice but to pause and accept whatever wrath was coming.

Whatever evidence there is, I’m innocent until proven guilty! 

A Little Shame Never Hurt Anyone

Apparently dogs get that same way too when they are caught in the act. A couple of dogs were caught red-handed, or maybe we should say red-snouted? Their mom and dad walked in on them going to town on a plate of spaghetti and luckily for us, it was all caught on video!

The motley crew of pasta poachers situated themselves at the table like they were dining at a Michelin restaurant.

Photo Via YouTube

Who, me? That’s Im-pasta-ble!

When the two realized they were caught, they dramatically paused like a couple of deer in headlights. The tension in the air was thick, but not as thick as that breadstick hanging out of one of the dogs’ mouths. His buddy had one lone noodle dangling mid-air. If the noodle of conviction hadn’t been there, the guilt in his eyes would have given him away anyway.

Photo Via YouTube

Mom and dad let the guilt render in the noodle-thieves’ souls for a bit before giving them the all-clear to go ahead and polish off the plate. The food bandits didn’t think twice as they made it disappear in seconds!

You have to give these guys credit though. They went down together. There have been plenty of doggy duos that are quick to rat out the guilty party. Like Denver, the guilty Yellow Lab who famously ate all the kitty cat treats. Denver’s Golden Retriever best friend was quick to throw Denver under the bus for decimating a bag of Meow Mix.

Don’t forget the Black Lab duo who patiently sat through a lecture from their mom before confessing. The pair endured a “teachable moment” after someone took a cookie off the counter. When their mom asked for a confession, one of the doggo sisters put her paw on the guilty party and threw her right under the bus.

Check out the hilarious spaghetti video here for a good laugh! We warn you, the laughter is contagious.

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