Hairless German shepherds left at the shelter finally find their perfect homes

Usually, when a dog is surrendered to a shelter, there are a few reasons behind it. Most often, the dog was more than the person could handle. Sometimes, though, unforeseen problems can cause a dog owner to decide to throw in the towel.

So, when Zander and Xavier were surrendered to a shelter, the staff at first thought the two German shepherds had been the subject of neglect. As it turns out, that was not the case at all.

Born without hair

Source: Instagram/kangaroopupmylo

When the two puppies were brought to the shelter in North Carolina, they had no hair. The man surrendering them swore that they were born without hair. Of course, shelter workers were skeptical of the claim. Their first thought was that the two puppies had mange.

After being checked out by the vet, the shelter was informed that the two had alopecia, which prevented their hair follicles from working the way they should.

Alopecia in dogs

Source: Facebook/Cause For Paws of North Carolina

Dogs that have alopecia get it in one of two ways: They are born with it or they get it from an infection later on. Whatever the case, severe stress can make it worse, which is what the two puppies were when they first arrived at the shelter.

Getting the dogs the help they needed right away

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The first thing the shelter did was get the two dogs in a foster home as quickly as they could. There they could get used to being around other people and hopefully adjust enough to allow them to get adopted when they were ready.

It took a month with a lot of love, but the puppies were eventually ready for adoption.

Going to separate homes

Source: Instagram/birthdaysuitapollo

When the two were put up for adoption, 50 applications came in right away. It seemed that everyone wanted to adopt the two dogs. Their foster mom, Nichole, thought it best if they went to separate homes as this would best suit their different temperaments.

Xavier was first, and he was adopted by a man who also had alopecia. The two were a perfect fit for each other, and Xavier, renamed Apollo, finally had someone who understood his unique problem in a way that no one else could.

To see how Apollo is doing, check out his Instagram page.

Both dogs are now in happy homes

Source: Instagram/kangaroopupmylo

As for Zander, he was adopted by Aida and Tyler, a loving couple who had seen him on a video online. Getting the new name Mylo, the dog also gained a brother, another German shepherd, this one with hair, named Tank. For an update on Mylo, you can visit his Instagram page.

Now the two brothers are in loving homes of their own where they have adapted well. Also, Apollo and Mylo’s owners keep in contact with each other and Facetime with the two brothers.

For more on Apollo and Mylo’s story, check out the video below.

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