Hunter On Prowl For Buck Hears Bellowing Coming From Dark Hole In Ground

Jared Melton went out hunting buck recently but he wound up saving a life. The Robertsdale, Alabama man was out on his hunt when he heard bellowing, unlike anything he ever encountered before.

The sound came from a dog trapped in an armadillo hole. Instead of passing by, Melton rescued the pooch and rushed him to a local veterinarian, and he didn’t stop there. Melton took to Facebook and posted photos, hoping to find the pup’s owner.

Source: WKRG News 5

“His body temperature,” said Dr. Angie Truett at Central Baldwin Animal Hospital. “It was so low it wouldn’t register on a thermometer. It was near-fatal body temperature.”

They named the dog Buck since Melton was hunting buck at the time. As vets raced to save Buck’s life, people started calling Melton a hero for his kindness.

Source: WKRG News 5

“Everybody on there calling me a hero and a saint and I’m not that,” Melton told local media. “I’m just a guy that got lucky and found a dog and helped him cause I’d want that help in return if that was me in there.”

So far, Buck is doing well with a good prognosis. He is very emaciated and only weighs 36 pounds. He doesn’t have a microchip and it is believed he was placed in the woods on purpose.

Source: WKRG News 5

Buck will get a happy ending, though, as Melton plans to adopt the dog if no one claims him.

Learn more about this amazing story by watching the video below.

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