Husky finally runs free in empty field after being chained up his entire life

People are generally content to sit in their environment. For Huskies? Not so much.

Home has all the things that we need – food, water, shelter, and TV are pretty common things in a home. If we were trapped in our homes, however, we would feel our spirits crushed knowing that the chance for adventure was mostly taken away.

A dog would feel this pain even more acutely, especially one as energetic as this one.

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Dogs are supposed to explore and discover.

The world is full of curiosities, so many smells, sights, and fun to be had. Dogs have so much love to give and being on a chain constantly is no way to experience life. We can’t imagine how this dog’s spirit must have been affected by it. But he was about the have the experience of his life and it is incredible to witness!

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While many of us don’t let our dogs have absolutely free reign to go wherever they like, we do set aside certain times where they can run and explore as they need. Dog parks, the woods, a field, or even a backyard work in a pinch! For some dogs, unfortunately, they don’t have an owner willing to put in the time to let them explore as they need. Every dog needs exercise, times of freedom, the ability to breathe fresh air, and to be able to experience life with all it has to offer.

For Biscuit, the only life he knew was on a chain.

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Biscuit is an Alaskan Malamute who had spent his entire life on a chain. For reference, Malamutes are dogs designed to run in the snow pulling a sled. They are hearty dogs who have a natural curiosity and love to explore. Sled dogs that are trained are able to run up to 125 miles per day! They are working dogs that take pride in what they can accomplish and are devoted to their jobs and owners.

To keep a sled dog chained up their whole life is an absolute shame.

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“Huskies that are well-conditioned for racing can run for more than a hundred miles a day for 10 days in a row. Racing Huskies can run for as much as 11 hours per day.” Bark Story

When we first see Biscuit, he is as happy as can be.

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We are about to see a bred sled dog take off and run for the first time in his life!

The moment won’t appear to be all that amazing unless you know how long Biscuit had been chained up for. When his owner takes him by the color, you can tell that Biscuit has no idea what is about to happen next!

Giving him a running start, she takes him by the collar and releases him into the field.

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“Running around” doesn’t quite describe the first moment that he has!

Looking more like a rabbit that is hopping around, Biscuit hasn’t ever had this much freedom! He leaps and runs all around, getting a feel for the new experience. Not having a chain means that he can run around and have a blast smelling everything that he can find.

Going from place to place and smell to smell, you can tell that Biscuit is loving life.

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For this sled dog breed, this whole experience was probably a wonderful moment.

Stretching legs and opening up into a full stride, Biscuit is feeling what it is like to live free. For this dog, the world just got a whole lot bigger and way more exciting than it was before. His next step might be to go stick his head out of a car window! We can only imagine how much his life is going to change for the better and how thankful he will be to his new owners showing him the love and care he deserved all along.

Check out the heartwarming moment below!

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