Husky Left Outside In Muddy Crate, Forced To Eat Trash And Rocks To Survive!

The Scioto County Sherriff’s Office’s deputies and volunteers from Sierra’s Haven rescued a 5-year-old poor dog from being neglected at a Scioto County home.

Blossom, the dog, was stuck in the mud in an outdoor cage. Fortunately, the volunteers were able to pull the cage out in 5 mins. The dog knew that they wanted to help her, so, she nudged at the bottom of the fence.

At the vet, they knew after the x-rays that the dog had wrappers, ingested rocks, and other foreign objects to survive. Unfortunately, she was just in front of his door, but her owner did give her anything!

She only weighs 38 pounds, as she is supposed to be 60 pounds. She’ll stay at the hospital to eat and drink to regain weight. She will be available for adoption once she’s completely healed. However, there are some interests from the deputy who saved her. 

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