Injured Woman Rescued By Man Who Heard Her Dog’s Cry For Help

Barbara Dadswell found herself in a desperate situation when she became stranded on a hike with her canine best friend. After her two day long fight for survival, it was her dog’s cry for help that finally got them saved.

Dadswell and her dog loved to spend their days exploring the local trails around Ashland Lake, and taking in the beauty of the forest. On September 14th , they packed their bags for yet another stunning adventure and set out for a day spent in the mountains.

Hiker Rescue

A few hours into the hike, things took a tragic turn. Dadswell slipped on a log on their trail, broke her leg, and fell into a ravine. She knew immediately that she was in a desperate situation.

She began looking around for tools she could use to stabilize her broken leg enough to help her hike to safety. With only 4 water bottles and a few snacks in her bag, she had to get creative.

Hiker Rescue

Because her loyal pup never left her side, she had access to her dog’s safety backpack. She was able to create a splint for her leg by using the backpack, some shoestrings, and a few stable sticks she could find around her. With her splint in place, she spent the next day and a half inching her way to the main trail.

The sun set on her first day of attempting to crawl to safety, and she began to feel hopeless. She and her beloved pup spent the night huddled together, hoping the next day would bring them more luck.

As the two began their second day of desperation, they soon heard someone in the distance.

Hiker Rescue

Dadswell’s dog began to cry out, hoping to gain the attention of whoever it was crossing their path. Luckily for the stranded duo, it was another fellow hiker.

Matthew Medina heard the dog crying for help, and ran to their aid. After bringing them immediate supplies such as food and water, he contacted the local ranger station for help. An emergency response team came to Dadswell’s aid, and whisked her away to a hospital for further care.

Dadswell is still unsure of where she would be without her very best canine friend. What an incredible pup to remain by her side through this terrifying endeavor, and to continue to seek help when all efforts appeared useless.

Dogs really are life savers!

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