Mailman who showered German Shepherd with love gets touching note from owner after she dies

Mailmen and dogs have had a checkered relationship in the past. Cartoons have documented their rivalry for generations. In reality, however, postal carriers often get to know a few of the pets along their route. Sometimes, they even develop a bond with them.

This is a particularly touching story of one such mailman/canine relationship

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Fernando is a mailman in Texas. He has come to get to know quite a few dogs along his route. Unlike in the cartoons, however, these dogs don’t chase after him or comically bite him in the seat of his pants. They just want to be given a pat on the head or a scratch under the chin.

Fernando had come to really enjoy getting to greet all the dogs along his route each day.

One of Fernando’s favorite dogs was named Gretchen

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Gretchen was a German Shepherd and enjoyed her visits with Fernando whenever he would come by on his route. They developed a really special bond. Fernando would even bring treats with him to share with Gretchen.

Unfortunately, something tragic occurred.

One day in April, Gretchen wasn’t there to greet Fernando. He didn’t think much of it at first. Perhaps she was at the groomers or a routine trip to the veterinarian. When he picked up the mail, however, he was startled to see something unexpected.

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When Fernando picked up Gretchen’s family’s mail, there was a letter addressed to him.

The note was from Gretchen’s family. When he read the words, Fernando’s heart sank. A bag of treats sat next to the note.

“Gretchen passed away yesterday,” the note reads. “She asked me to ask you if you would share her treats that she never got to finish with the other dogs on your route. She always enjoyed seeing you come to the door and was always happy to get a snack from you. Thank you, The Cimino Family.”

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Fernando’s heart was broken. He had lost a good friend.

The friend who visited him each day along his route was gone. It was a real loss for Fernando. When he got home, Fernando showed his daughter the note the family left for him. His daughter thought it was a nice gesture from the family and decided to post it online. She never expected what came next, however.

The picture Fernando’s daughter shared on Twitter went viral.

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The story of Fernando and Gretchen’s special bond touched a lot of people. It was a heartbreaking tale but one that also showed how beautiful the bond between dogs and people can be.

Even Gretchen’s Dad eventually saw the post!

Gretchen’s father saw the post on Twitter. Finding out that their little girl had touched so many people online was really special to Gretchen’s family. They then shared an old video of Gretchen excitingly greeting Fernando one day.

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Gretchen may be gone now, but she certainly left a lasting impression on those who were around her.

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