Man Adopts Terrified Shelter Dog And Gives Her The Life She Deserves

Howard Holloman visited the local shelter, hoping to change a dog’s life for the better. When he looked at all the adoptable pups, many of them pawed at their enclosures as he walked by. They were all adorable, but once he saw Noodles, he knew she was the one. Unlike the other energetic dogs, Noodles hid in the corner of the area, staring at the wall. She made no effort to get Holloman to choose her, but his choice was already made.

Noodles had been abused in the past, so she was terrified of everything. She did not trust humans anymore, and she certainly didn’t want to trust Holloman. However, Holloman knew that Noodles was the dog that he wanted to adopt, and he was willing to do whatever it took to make her happy.

Like Noodles, Holloman’s other dog, Weezie, was a rescue that had been abused in the past as well. He had helped Weezie overcome his fears, and now Weezie is such a loyal and loving dog. Noodles was much more fearful than Weezie was in the beginning, but Holloman was still determined to gain her trust.

Noodles Learned What Love is

At first, Hollomon slowly approached Noodles, giving her small pieces of food to win her over. She was still reluctant to be pet, but after a while she decided it was okay to take the food from his hand. It was the start of a beautiful bond. 

When Holloman brought Noodles home, he introduced her to Weezie. To his surprise, she bonded with Weezie in no time. She got scared when humans approached her, but she seemed very comfortable around her new brother. So, Holloman knew that she was making progress. After only two days, she was running around and playing in the yard with Weezie!

Each day, Noodles showed small amounts of progress. After she had been with Holloman and Weezie for a month, she finally felt at home. She allowed Holloman to pet her, and of course, she stayed by Weezie’s side as much as possible. Holloman said that she’s still scared of loud noises, but overall, she’s very comfortable in her new surroundings.

Sitting in the shelter feeling sad and scared is no life for any dog. Noodles is so lucky that Holloman came to adopt her because he absolutely changed her life for the better. Next time you’re considering adopting a dog, take some extra time to meet the shy and nervous dogs. All they really need is a loving family to teach them that not all humans are bad.

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