Man And His Dog’s Hysterical “Dog Tease” Video Has Been Viewed More Than 150 Million Times

If you have a dog, then you know how they like to eat! In fact, you can feed a dog, wait 15 minutes and put out more food, and your dog will probably eat again. One man has taken this cliché and made it into a hilarious dubbed video where he talks to his dog about food he has found in the fridge.

Clark Griswold the dog

Source: YouTube/Talking Animals

The video starts with Clark the dog, the true star of the video, as his owner, Marc, sits there talking to him about food items he’s found in the refrigerator. Clark, more commonly known as Clark G, ever the curious dog seems to respond to him in hilarious fashion in a cleverly dubbed video made to appear as if Clark is talking.

The meat drawer

Source: YouTube/Talking Animals

Clark G’s owner starts by talking about the meat drawer and finding some maple syrup bacon inside. He then goes into detail about who he thought would like that. At first, you think he is going to say Clark, but he tells the poor dog that he likes it and that he ate it. Clark G lets out a big “Aww” in disappointment.

Source: YouTube/Talking Animals

Clark G’s response is a comical, “You’re kidding me!” His owner replies with a resounding, “Nope!”

Source: YouTube/Talking Animals

Next up, Clark G’s owner talks about some beef he found — a nice, juicy steak. He then tells Clark G that he ate that too. Once again Clark G is disappointed, giving a big yell. Finally, Clark G’s owner talks about finding some chicken and putting something really special together. He took the chicken, put some cheese and some cat treats on it, and then gave it to the cat. Poor Clark G just can’t seem to catch a break.

A YouTube star

Source: YouTube/Talking Animals

After posting it on YouTube, the video soon went viral, netting over 198 million views so far. An overnight Internet sensation, Clark G now has his own YouTubeFacebook, and Twitter pages. Clark G even has his own Doritos commercial and a public service announcement about the importance of pet adoption.

Clark G’s voice in the video is voiced by Andrew Grantham, a Canadian voice actor and comedian. As a sign of his celebrity status, Clark G even has a large selection of T-shirts, which you can buy online at the Talking Animals shop.

The popularity of talking animals

It’s a fact: People love animals. And, going by the number of views of videos that feature animals dubbed talking, people love talking animals even more. This includes videos such as the “Screaming Marmot,” “Ozzy Man Reviews: Homewrecker Penguin Fight,” and “Trololo Cat.”

Source: YouTube/American Humane

Clark was adopted by his mom and dad, Jennifer and Marc, from Colorado Puppy Rescue. Originally known as puppy #55, his mom named him Clark Griswold after the Chevy Chase character of the same name. Known more commonly as Clark G online, he has grown to be a spokesdog for dog adoption using his status as a YouTube star to bring more awareness to his cause. Here is the video that started it all.

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