Man Walks Into Shelter And Asks To See Old Dog In Need Of Home, Then Adopts Him

Senior dogs are often overlooked at shelters but they make the best companions. They teach people how to slow down and enjoy life. Old dogs have so much love to give and deserve to spend the rest of their days in a loving home.  

A gentleman in Pennsylvania decided to fill his home with joy by adopting a dog. He went to his local shelter but instead of asking to see a puppy, he asked for a senior.

Pennsylvania SPCA Danville Center posted, “Yesterday, this gentleman wandered in the shelter and asked to see an old dog in need of a home. We paired him with Jack; a 13 year old dachshund mix who has dental disease, a heart murmur, and typical old man lumps/bumps.”

Jack dressed up as a lion to attract a potential adopter.
Photo: Facebook/Pennsylvania SPCA Danville Center

Many potential adopters do not want to take on a dog with health issues, but this man did not mind. “He said, ‘He’s perfect, I’ll take him. What vet do you recommend I take him to?’”

Photo: Facebook/Pennsylvania SPCA Danville Center

The senior dog had finally found his person. “Jack curled up on his lap and caught a nap while they both patiently waited for the paperwork to be processed.”

The shelter’s staff was touched by the man’s kind heart and willingness to adopt a senior dog. They praised him and wrote, “This is what animal welfare is all about. Falling in love, giving second chances to those who need it most, and finding the heroes in humanity. Happy tails Jack! We couldn’t be happier for you!”

Photo: Facebook/Pennsylvania SPCA Danville Center

The post went viral and thousands of people thanked the man for adopting a senior. One person wrote, “Love this. He didn’t want a custom breed or a puppy. He wanted a dog to love and care for in his final days.❤”

Another said, “Senior dogs make the best pets. All they want is good food, love and comfort. Bless this man for saving this animal and if only more humans did this so many animals would get their forever homes.”

Please consider adopting a gray-muzzled dog or senior cat. Adopt don’t shop!

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