Man who left 8 dogs outside in freezing Texas cold-snap facing charges

While many animals are equipped to deal with cold weather, with extreme cold this is not the case. Your pet, if left out in the extreme cold can suffer from a variety of cold-related ailments, including frostbite.

One pet owner left his eight dogs out in the record cold temperatures in Houston, Texas.

Now, he has been arrested and faces charges of animal abuse.

Source: Twitter – Houston Humane

When record cold temperatures hit the Houston area, for some reason the man decided to leave his pets outdoors.

A worried neighbor reported the incident of neglect to the Harris County Animal Cruelty Taskforce.

The dogs were lucky they had kind neighbors.

Source: Twitter – Houston Humane

Deputies with the Harris County Sheriff’s Office and Harris County Pets, rushed to the scene to check on the animals.

The dogs were cold and malnourished.

Source: Twitter – Houston Humane

After arriving at the scene, rescuers realized just how bad the man’s pets had been treated. It appeared that the animals had been left outside for days with no access to a shelter as the historic winter storm raged.

The animals were also malnourished, with one suffering from a broken jaw.

Some of the dogs are not out of the woods yet

Source: YouTube Screenshot – Paws Nation

After their discovery, the dogs were rushed to Houston Humane.

Once at the shelter, the animals were given food and emergency medical care, as well as given the opportunity to warm up. And while all of the dogs seemed to have survived, workers warned that not all of the dogs were out of danger.

Source: YouTube Screenshot – Paws Nation

“Although warm, some of the dogs remain in critical condition and we will provide updates as they come,” the Houston Humane Society wrote on Facebook.

Source: YouTube Screenshot – Paws Nation

Winter is an especially hard time for shelter workers as the influx of animals exposed to dangerous temperatures increases.

“Unfortunately, we expect more pets in need to walk through our doors as Harris County Animal Cruelty Taskforce law enforcement officers continue working day and night to check on any pets left outside in dangerous conditions throughout this winter weather situation,” the organization continued on Facebook.

The owner was arrested

Source: YouTube Screenshot – Paws Nation

As for the owner, he was quickly arrested and charged with cruelty to animals.

Fortunately, someone was there to help these animals in their time of need. Who knows what would have happened if Houston Humane had not been called?

What you can do?

If you notice animals in need, especially during the winter months, call your local police department, animal control, or animal rescue organization. Failing to do so could result in the unfortunate death, or the continued abuse and neglect, of the animal in question.

For more on the dogs’ timely rescue, check out the video below.

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Source: Paws Nation

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