Mom Tries To Make Baby Say “Mama”, Baby Gets Jealous When Dog Says It First

It’s a known fact that a dog’s mental abilities are close to a human child’s. This is why toddlers and dogs have similar patterns in intelligence, communication skills and social behavior!

Source: Sam Giovanini/YouTube

In this video from Utah, we see mom Andrea Diaz-Giovanini’s struggles to get her 9-month-old baby boy Sam to say “Mama”. She tries to bribe Sam with a spoonful of food and coaxes him to say the precious word. However, it is her smart pooch, Patch, who catches on the whole “game” and succeeds first!

Throughout the video, we see the clueless Sam struggling to make sense of Andrea’s request. But Patch, a bright Australian Shepherd, has his eyes locked on the food. He sharpens his vocal cords and howls away to say “Mama” at least 3 times! What a prodigy!

Source: Sam Giovanini/YouTube

Poor baby Sam gets jealous when he realizes that Patch is stealing his thunder in front of mom! He adorably tries to push his doggie sibling away, but Patch doesn’t care! He’s still busy staring at the food with single-minded dedication. We hope Andrea gives this good dog the treat that he deserves!

Click the video below to watch Sam and Patch’s adorable sibling rivalry over the word “Mama”!

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