News Anchor Hears A Dog Crying In A Car On A 90-Degree Day, Addresses Owner On-Air

by Karen Tietjen

Kyle Clark is a news anchor for Denver, Colorado’s KUSA, an NBC affiliate. A couple days ago, he went to grab lunch on a sweltering 90-degree day when he heard a disturbing cry as he crossed the parking lot: a dog, whose cries were muffled from being inside a parked car.

Clark considered throwing a rock at the window to save the dog from the sauna. (Currently, only Florida and Tennessee legally protect citizens who rescue dogs from hot cars, with a bill pending in California.) Instead, he followed proper protocol, calling help line 311 to reach Denver Animal Protection. He waited on hold for another 5 minutes as the dog suffered in the car–but Clark refused to leave.

When the owner finally returned, frozen yogurt in hand, they balked at his concern for the dog’s safety. Infuriated, Clark decided to address the owner, and issue this on-air “apology”:

Watching this helpless dog cry is just torture! That poor baby! We appreciate Clark using his position at the news station as a platform to share his concern, and hope that this dog’s owner is absolutely ashamed of themselves. Maybe viewers will recognize the car and the dog and make sure it gets taken to a proper home so that this never happens again.

What would you  have done?

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