Nick Jonas’ wife surprises him with “absolute best surprise” when she brings home a GSD puppy

Many couples mark their one- year wedding anniversary with a lot of fanfare, but few can top what Priyanka Chopra did for her husband Nick Jonas. Her anniversary gift for Nick has set the Internet ablaze. Now, I wonder how Nick is going to top her gift?

How Nick and Priyanka met and got married

Source: Instagram/ginothegerman

The couple began their romance when Nick first contacted Priyanka, an actress, to tell her how much he liked her in the TV series, Quantico. Soon enough, the two were attending events together with dating rumors soon following. By the end of July 2018, the couple was engaged, getting married on December 1 of that same year.

With their first wedding anniversary fast approaching, Priyanka had the perfect gift for her husband, Nick. She waited until he was fast asleep to surprise him. As he lay there in the bed she brought his present in.

Priyanka introduces Nick to his new best friend

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Priyanka tapped Nick on the shoulder trying to wake him. Then the present she got for him crawls across the bed to help wake him up. It is a German shepherd puppy with a big, white bow tied around his neck. Nick, still half asleep, rolls over to see who is nudging him.

“Who’s this? Who are you?” Nick can be heard asking in the video

Nick eventually figures out what is going on

Source: Instagram/Nick Jonas

As Nick lays there trying to figure out who the furry animal in the bed with him is, Priyanka explains. She tells Nick that he doesn’t have a name yet, seeming to indicate that Nick needs to come up with one for his new pet. Nick Jonas fans are then treated to a shirtless Nick as he rolls over to pet his brand new puppy.

Nick posted about meeting his new pup on his Instagram, saying:

“Pri came home with the absolute best surprise this morning. Please meet our new pup @ginothegerman I haven’t stopped smiling since I woke up this morning and finally realized what was going on. Thank you @priyankachopra.”

Nick and Elvis, the golden retriever

Source: Instagram/Nick Jonas

But this is not the first dog that Nick has owned. He received a golden retriever as a gift when he was 16. Nick named the dog after two of his music idols, Elvis Presley and Elvis Costello. The two were inseparable as Elvis became Nick’s right-hand man and fans fell in love with the pooch.

Source: Instagram/Nick Jonas

It seems that Elvis eventually fell victim to Nick and the rest of the Jonas Brother’s’ busy touring schedule. The last time Nick mentioned Elvis was to wish the pup happy birthday back in 2016. And while Nick hasn’t mentioned Elvis in some time, fans assume that the golden retriever is living at home with Nick’s parents.

Nick names the dog Gino and creates an Instagram page for him

Source: Instagram/Nick Jonas

Nick named his newest pet Gino and even made an Instagram page for the German shepherd, ginothegerman. There, fans of Nick and Gino can find pictures of the two and learn of what is up with these two new pals.

Here is the video of the two meeting for the first time.

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