No One Would Go Near ‘Ugly-Skinny’ Stray, She Gets First Sip Of Clean Water

In poverty-stricken countries, stray animals often roam the streets. Their struggles are devastating, especially because resources are so scarce. For one dog living on her own, life had been exceptionally cruel. She didn’t have much luck finding food on her own. She also had a severe case of mange. To say she was skin and bones is a vast understatement.

Source: AnimalSTEP Official

Local rescuers had heard about the dog. They weren’t totally prepared to see her in such a state. Every bone stuck out of her poor body and her mange was so advanced that her skin had become infected. There were sections that were cracked and bleeding. Her pain must have been terrible. But with the rescuers’ help that was all going to change!

Source: AnimalSTEP Official

Thankfully, this type of mange is treatable. Once the rescuers capture the dog, they bring her straight to the vet clinic. She started her medicated baths immediately. She was also put on a high-calorie diet. Giving her frequent, small meals will be easier on her tummy.

Source: AnimalSTEP Official

While we understand how hard it is for people to help stray dogs, especially when money is an issue, it still devastates us to know she was out there on her own for so long. Thankfully, that is all in the past now.

The brave girl has come a long way already. Her medicated baths have helped tremendously. She even has little patches of fur growing back! She’s also putting weight on steadily. The rescuers have also found her a foster mom that will give her all the love and attention she needs. The rescuers’ goal is to improve her health as much as possible and then find her a forever home.

Source: AnimalSTEP Official

After all this poor girl has been through, she deserves her happily ever after. Don’t you agree? Let’s share her story to remind others that there are so many deserving rescue dogs out there. Shelter dogs are far from broken. They just have a story to tell! Click play on the video below and see the brave dog for yourself. She’s amazing!

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