Overcrowded Shelter At Risk Of Euthanizing Their Dogs If They Aren’t Adopted

Putnam County Animal Shelter in Florida has had a “no-kill” status for a long time, but that may be coming to an end soon.

The shelter is currently overcrowded with just 60 kennels and 59 dogs filling them. Although there’s only room for one more dog, Supervisor Lisa Suarez is picking up several more dogs, and unfortunately they don’t have the space.

While the majority of the kennels are filled with strays, many of the dogs there are also rescues. Recently, Suarez and her staff took in 26 dogs from a neglect situation.

Friends of Putnam County Animal Services/Facebook

The lack of space has forced them to turn dogs away, but it has caused even more problems because some people sadly dump the dogs.

“One man got upset, drove away and opened the door and let the dog out,” Suarez told First Coast News. “So, it took us a week to find that dog.”

The shelter hasn’t had to euthanize dogs in order to make room since 2015, and Suarez hopes it won’t have to come to that again.

Friends of Putnam County Animal Services/Facebook

Suarez is pleading with the public to adopt dogs, especially since local animal rescue groups are full as well.

To help make more room for new dogs and not have to euthanize, the Putnam County Animal Shelter is holding an adoption event at 10 a.m. on Saturday, February 1 at San Jose Boulevard Petco store in Mandarin, Florida. You could go home with a dog for as low as $15!

Please consider adopting a dog if you live in the area!

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