Photo of “sad” dog riding the bus alone has people clamoring to adopt her

A Staffordshire Bull Terrier has recently become famous after a sad-looking photo of her went viral. The sad dog somehow managed to hitch a solo ride on bus number 620 in West Yorkshire, England. A large dog looking so forlorn was sure to catch a few passenger’s eyes.

Sure enough, one passenger named Gemma Burton, who rides the 620 line nearly every day, couldn’t help but snap a photo of the adorable dog.

Although the dog was wearing a harness, she had no lead and was clearly riding the bus alone.

Gemma was riding the morning route on her way to her college and took the picture before getting off at her stop. Hoping that she could help reunite the sad dog with its owners, she posted the photo to social media with a caption that read:

This little cutie came on the 620 bus at Bierley Lane to Bradford this morning. If she belongs to you and you’re in Bradford, please, please come to the Bradford Interchange bus station and collect her.

Source: Facebook/Gemma Louise Burton

Once the post of the sad dog was shared, people began spreading it like wildfire.

“She was calm with everybody. When she wandered around on her own, she did whine a little,” Gemma goes into more detail about the dog’s demeanor in an interview with Today.

Apparently, the lonesome pup tried to get off at a couple of stops crowded with traffic. Thankfully, all of the passengers were watching out for her safety and prevented her from exiting.

Source: Facebook/Cliffe Kennels & Rescue

Animal control was then contacted, and everyone kept watch over her until she could be picked up at the Bradford Interchange bus station. She was then transferred to Cliffe Kennels & Rescue, the contracted shelter for the city. They were to look after her while they tried to find her owners.

“She did seem sad. She was sniffing around, and it looked like she was looking for someone,” Gemma said.

As it turns out, the sad dog had been seen wandering a different neighborhood the night before.

Source: Facebook/Grace May

Being that she was discovered riding the bus, animal control staff endearingly named her Olive. This was a tip of the hat to the famous character on the 70s British sitcom, On The Buses.

Gemma’s post has since been shared nearly 4,000 times across social media. Even people from overseas are inquiring about her health and whether or not her owners were found. To keep people in the know, locals from the area posted regular updates on where they had last seen her.

Cliffe Kennels & Rescue is a family run shelter based out of Barnsley, and they’ve also been posting regular updates about the sad dog.

They recently expressed that since Gemma’s post, they have been inundated with calls from people wanting to adopt Olive. However, the shelter has a legal responsibility to hold her for 7 days while they search for her rightful owner. Something they have been and will continue to do before clearing her for adoption.

“The dog has seen a vet and is well except for an eye problem which is now being treated,” they wrote in their update.

Source: Facebook/Cliffe Kennels & Rescue

One staff member from the rescue divulged to the BBC that she has zero doubts Olive will soon find a forever family if she can’t be reunited with her owners.

“There’s only going to be one lucky person out of the inundation of calls,” she said.

While Gemma is shocked that her post went so viral so quickly, she said she couldn’t be any happier to know that Olive is being well taken care of now.

“I would like her to be reunited with her owner if they’re missing her or put into the loving home she deserves,” she said.

Just like Gemma, we’re hoping that this sweet, sad dog finds her forever family soon. Whether she is destined to be with her former owners or a new family, we just want to see her happy. Thanks to Gemma’s post, we know that she will be.

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