Pining For Family Who Left Him, Dog In Kill-Shelter Wept As They Passed Him By

When a dog is adopted, it’s supposed to be forever. Sometimes understandable circumstances happen and a dog has to be rehomed. Dogs can be rehomed in a proper manner to family members and friends. As animal lovers, we hope that a dog owner knows that dropping a dog off at a kill-shelter is a potential death sentence– yet, sadly, it happens often.

For one dog, who was madly in love with his family, being surrendered to a shelter literally broke him. The once happy dog was devastated. He sat in his kennel, completely dejected, and stared at the wall. He wanted nothing to do with anyone which made potential adopters just walk passed him.

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Since he refused to make eye contact with adopters, unlike the other dogs who wagged their tails as people walked passed, this worried shelter workers. What if he never found a home?

The sad dog waited for his family to come back for him. It was obvious. While he kept his distance as people walked passed him, he would check them out from the corner of his kennel to see if it was his family. And when he realized these people were strangers, he would go back to his sad spot and lay back down.

Source: CreepyWorld/YouTube

One woman, named Jennifer, learned about the lonely dog and his sad situation. She wanted nothing more than to give him a home. It broke her heart knowing that he continued to wait for his family to come back. She stepped up and decided she would be his new family.

Source: CreepyWorld/YouTube

She told the shelter that she wanted to adopt the pup but first, the staff wanted to run behavioral tests on the dog to be sure he would be safe in his new home. While Jennifer waited, she brought the deserving dog gifts every day so he would know that he’s loved.

Finally, the dog passed all of his tests and Jennifer was able to bring him home. Jennifer was expecting a quiet, reserved dog– but instead, he was elated that he was finally free from the shelter, and showed his true colors.

Source: CreepyWorld/YouTube

Once Jennifer’s new dog came home, he knew that was where he truly belonged. The moral of the story: ALL shelter dogs are worthy of a family. The ones you see that may seem uninterested or sad likely have a back story that has made them this way. Don’t let this deter you.

The dog, now named Blue, is a happy boy with tons of personality. He and Jennifer are living a wonderful life together. Blue no longer waits for the family who left him there. His new life is all about his new mom and their adventures

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