Puppies Allegedly Being Drugged & Kept Sedated In Glass Cases In Local Pet Store

Austin Ewell and his family recently made an impromptu visit to a pet shop called “The Puppy Store” in West Jordan, Utah. The family claims that the puppies in the store were sedated under the influence of drugs. Austin even filmed the “concerning” state of the unconscious puppies and shared it on social media.

Source: Austin Ewell/Facebook

In this video, we see the puppies lying lifelessly in glass cases. They are completely unresponsive to touch and movement. Austin even taps on one of the glass cases multiple times, but the puppies remain passed out. When Austin enquires about the puppies, the staff claims that they are just “sleeping”.

As this video went viral, it caught the attention of West Jordan Police Department. Their Animal Control division launched a formal investigation and visited the store to check on the puppies. However, the puppies were “awake, alert and happy” at the time of the visit.

Source: saturnism/Flickr | Lucky2013/Pixabay

It is a known fact that the effect of sedatives wears off with time, so the investigators also showed the video to a vet in hopes of finding a proper answer. In a worrying response, the vet has also suggested that the puppies in the video look drugged.

While cops continue to investigate, the store management is trying hard to convince the public that the puppies were merely “exhausted” in this video. The shop claims they only feed “vitamins and probiotics” to the puppies in addition to their usual food. Let’s raise our voices and demand a thorough investigation!

Click the video below to watch a report on this worrying case of the puppies allegedly being sedated.

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