Rest In Peace, Axle – 14-Year-Old Veteran Police Dog Passes On

Police officers and their K9 partners share a strong bond due to the nature of their work.

Some members of the force even decide to adopt their partner upon the dog’s retirement.

And because of this same bond, law enforcement officers also mourn their former buddies once they eventually pass on, whether from work injuries or old age.

Goodbye Axle

Just recently, the Ottawa police force said their final goodbyes to one of their former police dogs, Axle. The 14-year-old German Shepherd used to be one of the eleven dogs the city employed. He worked with the force for nine long years.

To commemorate his memory, the Ottawa Police Twitter account posted a photo of the dog along with the message:

“Yesterday we said goodbye to PSD Axle. He passed away at the age of 14. He served proudly for the @OttawaPolice Canine unit for nine years. Rest easy big fella.”

The post was personally written by one PSD Riso, who was Axle’s former handler during his service years.

Doggie Heaven

Since posting, the tweet has gotten over 1,000 likes and dozens of responses from netizens who were touched by Axle’s passing.

There were a lot of people who thanked the police dog for his many years of service and called him a hero.

Police dogs perform a variety of duties for crime-solving purposes. With their keen sense of smell, they’re able to track the scent of suspects and even missing persons. They can also be used in chasing suspects and maintaining public order.

Dogs in the Force

Because of his cool name and Canadian origins, we can’t help but be reminded of another heroic police dog.

Almost a thousand kilometers from Ottawa, another Axle is helping to keep his community safe from crime. This Axle from a police force in Ontario is a Belgian Malinois who has been in service for about three years now.

He started out as a shelter dog who was abandoned as a puppy by his original owners. Fortunately, one of his rescuers recognized what breed he was and decided to bring him to the Durham Regional Police to see if they could train him to join the force.

As luck would have it, this younger Axle was found to be a great addition to the force. According to his current handler, Constable Bryan Armstrong, Belgian Malinois dogs are smaller than other shepherd breeds used as K9s and can, therefore, fit inside tight spaces when needed.

What’s more, Armstrong noticed that the breed also tends to have good work ethics.

Armstrong talked about it in an interview with CBC:

“They’re very athletic, and they’re very hard to tire out. They’re the elite athletes of the dog world.”

Now, four years after his rescue, Axle has become an indispensable member of the Durham, Ontario police force and specializes on sniffing out firearms and drugs.

As the German Shepherd, Axle from Ottawa, passes on to doggie heaven, his work is continued by his namesake from Ontario and the thousands of other working dogs risking their lives to keep the world a safe place.

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