Sadie, German shepherd who saved owner during a stroke, is overjoyed when he leaves hospital

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Sadie had no idea if her owner had pulled through. When she saw him roll through the doors, she realized she had successfully saved him.

Brian Myers is an incredibly lucky German shepherd owner.

Thanks to Sadie, his dog, he is alive and recovering today. But not so long ago, Brian was the one saving Sadie.

In September 2020, Sadie ended up in a shelter. Her first owner gave her up. This owner said that the dog was just too much to deal with.

Source: Facebook – Ramapo-Bergen Animal Refuge

The shelter volunteers could see that Sadie had some issues. But they hoped that someone would take her in for good.

Brian Myers learned about Sadie. He knew that she had trust issues. But when he met her, he could also tell that she was special.

So in October, Brian adopted her.

Source: Facebook – Ramapo-Bergen Animal Refuge

Soon, Sadie warmed to Brian. She could tell that he wouldn’t abandon her like her last owner.

A little later, Brian started to feel ill. He took a test, which confirmed that he had coronavirus.

So he stayed home to fight the disease. Sadie stuck by his side, hoping that he would feel better soon.

Source: ABC7

Eventually, Brian’s symptoms died down. He thought that he had got over coronavirus. Then in January 2021, something terrible happened.

Brian started acting strangely. He didn’t know it at the time, but this was the beginning of a stroke. Brian collapsed onto his bedroom floor.

Sadie knew that something was very wrong. So she ran up to Brian to see if she could help.

She started licking his face, hoping that this would rouse Brian. Amazingly, this allowed Brian to focus. So he grabbed onto Sadie’s collar. Then she started pulling Brian along the floor.

Eventually, Sadie dragged Brian to the vicinity of his cousin. The cousin could see that Brian needed an ambulance.

At the hospital, the doctors were able to save Brian’s life. But it would be a long road to recovery. So Brian was transferred to the Kessler Institute for Rehabilitation. He started an intense physical therapy regime.

After just over two weeks, Brian had recovered enough to leave the institute.

He was still weak, but he was determined to get back to his life.

So he made his way out of the institute in a wheelchair and was delighted to see Sadie outside waiting for him.

Sadie was overjoyed too. She hadn’t seen Brian in weeks and was incredibly worried about him.

So she ran up and started kissing him.

The doctors and other medical professionals started clapping.

Source: ABC7

It was a heartwarming scene. And of course, Brian had told the people about how Sadie had dragged him to safety.

Luckily, a news crew was there to capture this heartwarming moment. Brian couldn’t hold back tears.

Source: ABC7

He also told the crew that he was looking forward to sitting on the sofa with Sadie, watching some stupid TV.

Sadie and Brian have only known each other for five months. But it’s clear that the two have become best friends.

Hopefully, Brian will have a swift recovery. He’s sure to have plenty of emotional support, thanks to Sadie!

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