Scared Dog Clinged To Her Teddy Bear After Being Dumped At ‘Kill Shelter’ By Her Family

Ellie, a 1-year-old Blue Lacy dog, was surrendered by her family just four months after they had adopted her. Ellie had been living with her family in Dallas, Texas– and the only thing that kept her company was a big teddy bear. Her family left the teddy bear with her when they gave her to the shelter.

Facebook/Jennifer Jessup

As the shelter had a policy of putting down dogs when the shelter got full, Ellie was on the list to be euthanized. The only thing that the scared pup had to comfort herself was her teddy bear. So she clung to it. Day and night, she hugged and snuggled with the teddy bear.

Facebook/Jennifer Jessup

Thankfully, her luck changed soon, as NYC based dog rescuer Jennifer Jessup heard about her when she was searching for a dog for her brother, who incidentally was looking to adopt a Blue Lacy dog. Jessup heard about Ellie through TAGG Rescue, a Dallas-based rescue group.

Facebook/Jennifer Jessup

With the help of a friend in Texas and TWD Transport, a company that specializes in transporting rescue dogs, Jessup and her brother brought Ellie all the way from Texas to Florida. All along the journey, Ellie clung to her teddy bear. It was clear from her eyes that she was still so scared.

Facebook/Jennifer Jessup

Ellie now lives with Jessup’s brother, who showers Ellie with all the love and care in the world. Ellie is slowly opening up, but one thing is for certain – she’s not letting go of her favorite teddy bear any time soon.

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