Scared mama dog abandoned with 9 puppies in church parking lot gets new life

No matter how many times we hear of heartless people abandoning animals, it still surprises us how callous people can be.

Earlier this year, a person left a 5-year-old boxer in a church parking lot- with 9 puppies!

All 10 dogs were dropped off in a church parking lot by someone who did not care for their well-being.

Source: Paw Angel Animal Rescue/Facebook

Not only was Mama Dog frightened for her own sake, but she was also worried about her 9 puppies. She had to find food for them but couldn’t just leave them there to go look for some.

Thankfully, there are good people out there who care for dogs. These people sometimes have to go above and beyond the call of duty to make sure that unnecessary suffering doesn’t take place because of a careless person’s actions.

When a photo of Mama Dog and her 9 little ones was posted on social media, it drew the attention of people willing to help. Paw Angel Animal Rescue’s Mistie Boerger saw the post and knew she had to do something. She called her friend, Angel Urban, and they drove to the church.

Source: Debrenda Davis/Facebook

“I saw the picture and it just broke my heart and I called Angel and we went and rescued the dogs,” Boerger told KTXS 12abc.

Mistie and Urban arrived at the church parking lot and put the poor abandoned animals in the back seat of their car.ADVERTISEMENT

“I just don’t know how someone could do that, leaving momma and two week old babies,” said Boerger.

The person who dropped these poor animals off could have taken them to a shelter. They could have called different organizations looking for a home. There were many things that could have been done that weren’t. Thankfully, good people like Mistie and Angel can sometimes save the day in these cases.

Source: Robert Sudbury/Facebook

Sadly, one of the puppies was discovered to have a tumor in their throat.

It had to be euthanized as a result. Mama also needed medical attention and was taken to a veterinarian. She would be fine in a few days, however, as were all her other puppies.

A few days after their frightening experience of being abandoned, the family was acting healthy and happy in their foster home. Mistie decided that she would be the foster parent to the dogs until a forever home could be found for all of them.

“They will be staying with me for two weeks and then moved to a permanent foster. They will placed for adoption after they have been spayed and neutered and mom is spayed,” she wrote on Facebook.

The organization also noted that between vet bills, food, and other supplies, the rescue cost about $2500. They posted a request for donations to their Facebook page.

“It’s looking like the total cost to get all ten dogs all the way to September and adoption will be around 2500,” Robert Sudbury, another staff member commented on the Facebook post.

Caring people have been donating to the rescue organization to help with the canine family’s bills. More funds may be needed due to medical complications, however. This is common with rescue animals.

Staff at the organization have been posting photos of the Mama dog and her puppies to social media and the response has been tremendous. People are posting

“Mistie Boerger you are my hero. Poor babies and mom,” wrote one supporter.

People who rescue animals in need are heroes and deserve all the recognition we can give them. This family of dogs now has a great life ahead of them and it’s all due to the heroes that came to their rescue.

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