Shoppers Smash Car Window To Rescue Dog From Heat

Every summer, dog parents are reminded not to leave their dog in a hot car unattended. Even if a car only sits in the sun for a few minutes, it can quickly feel like an oven for a dog. In fact, many dogs have perished due to these irresponsible actions, so there is no excuse for leaving your dog in a hot vehicle.

Some shoppers came across a dog alone in a hot car with the sun blazing down. The windows were only open a crack and the car had been unattended for over 30 minutes. Left with no other options, a bystander broke the window to free the dog.

What Happened?

29-year-old Zoey Thornton was one of the people at the Tesco Supermarket in Swansea, Wales. She and her mom were putting bags into their car, but then they saw a woman looking extremely worried. They went to go see what was wrong, and they discovered that a dog was trapped inside a car. The temperature was approximately 77 degrees Fahrenheit, which could make the inside of the car nearly 109 degrees!

Image: Screenshot, Zoey Thornton Facebook

The first people who spotted the dog said that he had been alone in the car for at least 10 to 15 minutes. Soon, more people began to gather around the car. Someone contacted the store to make announcements over the loudspeaker. The supermarket repeatedly called for the owner of the car to go outside, but no one showed up. After about 30 more minutes, the shoppers decided to take matters into their own hands.

Someone had called the police, but the bystanders couldn’t wait any longer for help to arrive. So, a man smashed the window of the car. He tried to give the dog water, but the poor dog was too spooked to come near him. The man then climbed into the car through the window to reach the dog. He unlocked the car doors so a woman on the other side could let the dog out.

Was the Dog Okay?

Once the dog was free from the car, the woman led him into the shade. She tried to offer him a bowl of water again, but he was still too scared to drink from it. He was clearly hot and thirsty, but he was also confused and fearful about the whole situation. Thornton recorded the entire event on video and posted it on her social media.

Image: Screenshot, Zoey Thornton Facebook

The police arrived at the scene not long after the window had been broken. The dog was panting heavily, but he is alive and well thanks to the kind people who rescued him. They did what was right without hesitation, and they might have even saved his life.

Eventually, the owner of the car arrived at the scene. It is unclear exactly what happened after that, but the South Wales Police later stated that they located the person responsible and gave them advice. However, any dog parent who puts their dog in danger should be given consequences for their actions. Hopefully, this will be an important reminder to everyone that you should never leave your dog alone in a hot car.

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