Starved Great Dane Ate Its Own Foot To Survive

A severely starved Great Dane was found by South Carolina officers tied to a metal pole. The dog was tied to a runner cable without food or water. The 6-year-old dog was nothing but skin and bones. The officer noticed that the dog had an injury to his back leg, but as he approached he realized half of it was chewed off.

South Carolina’s Index-Journal reports that a neighbor reported the neglected dog to the police stating that the dog was “very skinny” and chewed off its own leg after getting stuck in a runner cable.

Photos: Facebook/Noah’s Arks Rescue

Officers approached the home to confront the owners, Jessica James, 32, and Skyler Craft, 28. Neither could say how long the dog was tied outside, but state he was tied to keep him from jumping the fence. They knew of the injury to his leg and said they tried to treat it themselves. Both were charged with ill treatment of animals and the dog was taken by Noah’s Arks Rescue to be treated.

Luke, formerly named Lucifer by the heartless couple, was taken to an ER vet in Charleston. He was so malnourished that he could not walk on his own. His injured leg had a bad infection and needed immediate care. “Luke was very scared and unsure of people at the time,” Jennifer Smith, president of the rescue told HuffPost. “After several days in ICU, we brought him to our rehab facility so he could relax, which made a big difference in his personality. He soon realized we were not going to hurt him.”

Photo: Facebook/Noah’s Arks Rescue

The rescue posted an update after a vet evaluated his condition, “Luke has been in starvation mode for quite a long time. An animal’s body adapts to this condition in a lot of different ways to survive. Right now, his body is still in survival mode which is why he still has to have lots of small meals to prevent Re-Feeding Syndrome. The other major issue he has is his Heart. Even though he is Heartworm Positive, the heart issues he has are because he was starved. His electrolytes have been out of balance, and his heart and lungs have been compromised because of this.”

Photos: Facebook/Noah’s Arks Rescue

The road to recovery will be hard and long for Luke. He is still in critical condition with many health issues that the devoted medical team is working on. His hind leg is still infected, but due to his poor health the vet cannot perform surgery. Everyday Luke improves and has a will to live. In the meantime, he is being spoiled with love by the staff and “nothing is being spared for him,” according to Smith.

Photos: Facebook/Noah’s Arks Rescue

The rescue team is heartbroken and disgusted by the way Luke was treated. Sadly, there are many more just like him starving and needing help. If you see something, do something. The team refuses to give up on Luke. “He is an amazing dog with an incredible Will to Live. To sustain and maintain a body his size takes Courage, Strength, and Humility.”

Stay strong Luke, you are safe now!

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