State of Illinois mourns the unexpected loss of beloved K9 Loki after he’s killed in the line of duty

Loki deserved to live a long and happy life. Sadly, a wreckless criminal ensured that this wouldn’t be the case.

There are so many heroic working dogs in the world.

Source: U.S. National Archives – The U.S. National Archives

Thanks to them, the world is a safer place. Sadly, some working dogs make the ultimate sacrifice.

Loki was one of those dogs.

Source: Facebook – Boone County Sheriff’s Office

In September 2019, Loki officially became a K9 unit. Soon, Loki was incredibly happy in this job. He always helped his human coworkers, and never got distracted in the line of duty.

Things were going so well until one terrible day in late 2020.

In the early hours of December 27th, Robert Rosenkranz, Loki’s handler, was going through a traffic stop when something horrifying happened.

A drunk driver crashed into Rosenkranz’s car.

Source: Facebook – Boone County Sheriff’s Office

Rosenkranz was outside of the car by the time of the collision.

Sadly, Loki was waiting patiently inside.

Rosenkranz’s first thought was for Loki. He rushed back to the wreckage of his vehicle, determined to get to the K9 unit. Rosenkranz saw that Loki was badly injured and called for help.

Soon, Loki was on his way to an emergency vet.

The emergency vet did all that they could for Loki. But it soon became clear that the dog’s injuries were too extensive.

The only course of action was to put Loki to sleep.

Source: Facebook – Boone County Sheriff’s Office

Naturally, Rosenkranz, his family and his colleagues were gutted by the loss. Loki only wanted to help people. And yet a thoughtless person had ended Loki’s life.

But many more people have grieved Loki’s passing.

A Facebook post appeared online that informed the world of Loki’s death. This post soon went viral. To date, it has gained over 37,000 reactions. It also has more than 27,000 shares and 7,100 comments. People have been saying things like this:

Source: Facebook – Boone County Sheriff’s Office

Clearly, Loki’s passing has affected many people.

Sadly, Loki’s story is not unique. Working dogs sometimes end up dying before they can retire.

Source: PxHere

It’s impossible to know the exact number of dogs that have died while working, but some statistics can give us perspective. For instance, Military Medicine was able to identify 92 military working dogs that died while they were deployed to Afghanistan and Iraq between the years 2001 to 2013 alone.

In all, that means that thousands of dogs must have died while working.

It’s tragic to think of this. But it’s also important to realize the risks that dogs like Loki go through every day.

Everyone knows that dogs are man’s best friend. But this means so much more than just companionship.

Thanks to dogs, humans are protected from a range of threats. Sometimes, they die while protecting humanity.

Hopefully, in the future, the world will become a safe place. When this happens, no dogs will need to die to protect us. Of course, we’re still a long way from this goal. Who knows if it will ever happen?

Loki’s story also shows why drunk driving is so awful.

Source: Facebook – Boone County Sheriff’s Office

When people drunk drive, they are not just putting themselves in danger but others as well. Please do not drink and drive, like the terrible human who caused Loki’s death.

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Source: Boone County Sheriff’s Office, TV Shows Ace, Military Medicine

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