Stray dog melts into man’s arms and finally relaxes after realizing he’s being rescued

There are countless stray dogs around the world, most of them were neglected and abandoned by their cruel previous owners.

The feeling of being unloved brought ravage to their hearts, and it’s something beyond human comprehension. It’s only them who know what it’s like, so we can’t blame some stray dogs to be aloof to humans, even to those who meant no harm to them.

However, when one man stumbled upon an abandoned dog in a parking lot in Dubai, what the dog did to him was miles away from what he expected.

Instead of running away, the dog ran straight to him and greeted him like he’s an old friend.

The man ended up saving the dog and brought him home. He instantly fell in love with the sweet pooch and he shared this beautiful story on Instagram.

Be amazed by this dog’s unbelievable transformation!

Anand Raman was visiting his sister at work when he spotted a dirty young dog in a parking lot outside of his sister’s office.

It was a swelteringly hot day, and the dog was trying to seek shade underneath a parked car to cool off.

“He was under a car eating scraps some of her workers had left for him,” Raman told The Dodo. “His fur was matted and his legs weren’t quite right.”

Despite being in such a bad way, the dog was still determined to give some love to Raman, and he immediately left the shade of the car and walked up to the man, with his tail wagging and a big smile on his face.

“He approached me with a curious but excited disposition, wagging his tail excitedly,” Raman recalled. “This demeanor of his is what initially made me fall in love with him.” He added, “We then sat there for a while on the sidewalk and he was content just receiving pets from me for a while. I carried him into the car and he immediately fell asleep on my shoulder.”

The little dog had known Raman for less than five minutes, but he already knew that this was a person he could trust.

With the help of his sister and brother-in-law, Raman was able to take the dog straight to the vets where he could be checked over.

“He was exhausted when I first got him, which is why he fell asleep right away in the car ride to the hospital,” Raman said.

Soon, the vet eventually discovered why the poor dog was so unsteady on its feet.

Apparently, the poor little guy had rickets in both of his front legs due to malnutrition. Thankfully, it is a disease that dogs can fully heal from and doesn’t cause any lifelong complications.

The little dog was finally on the road to recovery.

When they have finally arrived home, what Raman did first was to give the dog his very first bath.

After washing its dirty fur, he was shocked.

“He was so dirty I thought his fur color was actually black, but after a shower found out hes the complete opposite,” Raman said on Instagram.

The dog was actually pure white, so Raman named him Snowy.

It took a while for Snowy to relax and settle into life with an owner, and the devastating effects of abandonment could be seen in the poor dog’s anxiety and trust issues.

“Getting him adapted to a house at first wasn’t easy,” Raman explained. “He wasn’t sure where to go and what to explore, so he’d just sit in a corner. When I would take him for walks, he was constantly terrified that I was going to leave him back on the streets, so he would yank his leash away from me and run back into the parking lot of our building complex. This happened for a while until he realized we were not going to let him go anywhere fast.”

Luckily, after two months of consistent love and affection from Raman, Snowy is finally able to trust his owner.

“He sleeps and waits for us to get home from work, which is when he showers us with love and we reciprocate the same with him,” Raman said. “He also gels amazingly well with any dog he comes across and is very well-behaved with kids and guests.”

The world is indeed blessed with kindhearted people like Raman.

We hope that more people will learn about this story so that more people would step up to help bring the number of stray animals down. And wouldn’t you consider yourself lucky if you’ll come across such a sweet little pooch like Snowy?

Let’s make this world a better and safer place for these poor dogs who want nothing but pure love and affection from us humans.

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