These German Shepherd Wedding Photos Are Perfect

Kaya and Hades have become internet favorites thanks to the redditor Gallowboob posting their perfect “wedding photos” on Reddit for everyone to see.

The response was incredibly positive and the two dogs have become mini legends.

According to their owner, the perfect pair are both two years old and enjoy going for long walks (possibly on the beach).

Kaya has been described as loyal and loving while Hades is cuddly and likes to have someone to be around.

When they are together, they make some really adorable photos.

Why everyone loves them

Kaya is a white German Shepherd and Hades is a black sable German Shepherd. Together, they make a beautiful couple. It’s no wonder that their photos have gone viral.

The photos seem to tell a tale (or tail) of two dogs who met and fell deeply in love.

We’re not sure which one of the two proposed, but in this case we think it may have been Kaya. We’re just going by the smile on her face.

All we know for sure is that it was pure puppy love.

Finally, we get to see their wedding photos.

Don’t they make the perfect bride and groom?

Hades was looking particularly dapper that day in his wedding tux.

We’re hoping they didn’t go for a run in any mud after the photos were taken.

That outfit is just too perfect.

We’re not quite sure what they got up to after the wedding ceremony, but we did find at least one picture of them enjoying themselves at a lake.

It looks like they found the perfect spot for their honeymoon.

At some point, we have to assume that the two must have started talking about having a puppy of their own.

It seems that they had an interest in adopting.

We think they made a wonderful decision, but it’s clear that there was some trial and error going on before they found the perfect puppy:

They must have looked into quite a few adoption agencies in search of a pup who would make the family complete.

We won’t tell them the one on the right is actually a cat as long as you don’t.


They found their puppy! He looks like he fell in love with his new mom starting from day one.

Although, their owner says the puppy spends more time with Hades because the two love playing together so much.

We think it’s sweet that dad is taking on such a big role in the puppy’s life. After all, playing fetch is extremely important in the dog world!

Of course, they had to get the perfect family portrait:

Although, it wasn’t as easy as you would think to snap that picture.

It turns out that puppies are about as cooperative as human kids when it comes to getting the perfect photo.

Luckily, the proud parents don’t seem to mind too much.

And, they still get time alone together when he’s as doggy daycare.

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You might even have to call them best friends for life.

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