They Sacrificed Their Bachelor Party To Save Sick Puppies They Found In Woods

Eight men in Tennessee had gathered together in a cabin in the woods to celebrate the bachelor party of groom-to-be Mitchel Craddock. As the friends got busy grilling the meat, they were startled by an unexpected furry visitor at their door!

Source: Jacob Rowe/ABC News

The men were puzzled to see a scared and sickly dog waiting at their doorstep with the most helpless eyes. They felt sorry for the dog and gave her some food. However, the dog still seemed anxious as she kept nudging the men for further help.

One of the men figured out that the poor dog had just given birth, but all her milk had dried up due to malnourishment. Mitchel and his friends named the dog Annie and decided to follow her into the dense woods. Sure enough, Annie led them to a dangerous hole where 7 tiny, scared puppies were burrowed in deep with no escape!

Source: Jacob Rowe/ABC News

The generous men immediately scrapped their bachelor party plans and decided to use their beer fund to rescue the puppies. They scooped the fleas-ridden puppies out and got them the necessary medical aid. They used up the rest of their party cash on dog food!

Source: Trevor Jennings/The Dodo

As there were 8 men and 8 dogs, Annie and her puppies got adopted by one of the buddies each. The friends live within 5 miles of one another, so they often hang out together while the happy pooch family enjoys their reunions! This is easily one of the best bachelor party stories we’ve ever heard!

Click the video below to watch how this bachelor party turned into a puppy-rescue operation!

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