Thieves Return Dog They Stole From A Blind Man With An Apologetic Note Attached

A blind man in Beijing, China was reunited with his dog after it was returned by very thieves who stole the said dog.

Tian Fengbo, the blind man who owns the dog, was so distressed when a stranger just suddenly snatched his guide dog from him on the street and sped away in a van. The incident happened to be recorded by a security camera which revealed the van’s license plate.

Source: South China Morning Post
Source: South China Morning Post

The dog named Qiaoqiao is one of only ten service dogs in Beijing. And her disappearance drew interest and concern of many people.

Source: Tian Fengbo via The New York Times
Source: Tian Fengbo via The New York Times

Mr. Fengbo asked for help from his friends and family. The sad thing about dognapping in China is that it’s so common and the dogs will most likely end up being sold for their meat.

Source: South China Morning Post
Source: South China Morning Post

Fortunately, the thieves somehow felt sorry for the blind man, and returned his dog to him 35 hours later. Qiaoqiao was left at Mr. Fengbo’s massage clinic, and she had a note around her neck that read “Please forgive us.”


The police suspect that the thieves returned the dog because of the unusual amount of police and media attention it was getting.

But whatever their reason, Mr. Fengbo was overjoyed when he was reunited with his beloved guide dog. He burst into tears when Qiaoqiao was returned to him.

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