This 7-Foot Great Dane Is Considered To be The World’s Tallest Dog

A Great Dane called Freddy; it is known that the Great Dane is one of the largest dogs in the world. But actually, Freddy takes his breed to an entire new level of hugeness. He weighs 200lbs, and his tall is about 7ft 6 inches. He broke the world record for the tallest dog, and received a Guinness World Records certificate for that.

Freddy’s owner, Claire Stoneman, says that he knew that her dog was going to be one of the tallest dogs in the world, but not the tallest. She adds that she is so proud of him.  Despite his big size, he loves chewing and napping on the couch just like humans. He is also gentle, and a devoted bro to Claire, his sister. Videos and pictures of Freddy are often shared on Instagram.

Claire pay thousands of dollars yearly for Fleur and Freddy to stay healthy and happy, but she is really happy with what she does for them. Watch the video below.

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