This Entire Litter Of Maine Coon Kittens Were Born With Grumpy Faces

Main Coons are a domestic breed of cat, but they are the largest one of the breeds. They’re basically giant fluff balls, and who doesn’t love a big fluffy kitty? These felines are majestic creatures capable of growing as large as 40 inches in length, and their color combinations have up to 75 variations! Maine Coons are cats who are very well-adjusted to winter – one theory suggests that they may have been descendants of the Norwegian Forest cats and crossed over to the States with the Vikings back in the day.

Image credits: Instagram / catsvill_county

While there are many distinctive features that these long-haired cats have to distinguish them from other felines, there is one in particular that you can never really miss.

Image credits: Instagram / catsvill_county

And that would be their face.

This cat breed has very distinct facial features that many would call almost human-like.

Image credits: Instagram / catsvill_county

Image credits: Instagram / catsvill_county

Catsvill County cattery recently shared pictures of a litter containing 5 adorable grey Maine Coons, and it didn’t take long for people to start commenting on the fact that they all look sort of like little grumpy old men.

And it’s hard not to see that resemblance either, as these cats have such unique expressions.

Image credits: Instagram / catsvill_county

Image credits: Instagram / catsvill_county

While the kittens all look the same and it’s hard to tell them apart, that still doesn’t detract from the fact that they are all so adorable!

This isn’t the first time that this cat breed has found viral fame across social media.

It was only last year that 2-month-old Maine Coon kitty Valkyrie was making the rounds on social media for his very human-looking face.

Maine Coons are definitely interesting cats to look at. Their faces very much remind me of the live-action Beast from “Beauty and the Beast.” What do you guys think?

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