Thugs Laugh As They Strap Firecrackers To Dog’s Face & Blow His Face Off For Fun

WARNING: GRAPHIC CONTENT An innocent puppy named Braveheart was captured by a group of miscreants in Sonora, Mexico. They strapped the puppy’s jaw with firecrackers and blew it up for fun. Braveheart’s jaw and his nose were blasted to pieces and he was slowly dying. However, a local rescue picked him up and saved his life.

Braveheart was in a very critical state and lot of pain. Vets thought that putting him down seemed to be the best option, as there was nothing left of his jaw. In a desperate attempt, his rescuers contacted “The Saving Huey Foundation” in California to help the struggling puppy. Tracy Lystra, who runs the foundation, saw a picture of Braveheart’s injuries and was keen on helping Braveheart.

After consulting with some doctors, it was decided that a prosthetic jaw would be made for him. Braveheart was transported to the US as soon as his condition stabilized. There, he received 4 reconstructive surgeries to rebuild his jaw. The brave pooch not only endured the difficult surgeries, but also started recovering miraculously!

Today, months after the initial trauma, 1-year-old Braveheart has turned into a playful and fun-loving pooch. He still has one more surgery to go, that aims to open an airway to his nasal passage. Once he is completely healed, he will be put up for adoption. If you want to donate toward his recovery, you can visit the foundation’s website. Authorities are looking for the thugs who carried out the brutal attack. Spread the word.

WARNING: The contents of this video might be disturbing to some viewers.

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