Tiny 13-year-old Chihuahua does everything with his favorite little boy

Meet Marcelo and Mini!

These two best buds are inseparable, but it certainly wasn’t a relationship his parents expected at first.

They adopted Marcelo just a little over two years ago, but when he arrived at his new home he was terrified of dogs. In fact, he would scream at the sight of them and didn’t want to be anywhere near the creatures.

“When he got here, he was pretty terrified of the dogs, he screamed pretty loud the first day, and I was like oh man they warned us that that could happen,” his mom Holly Brookhouser told CBS 5 News.

But when he met Mini, his fears were suddenly put to rest.

You see, Mini loves little kids and that meant she always wanted to be near Marcelo. In fact, Brookhouser called the sweet girl “relentless in her love,” which eventually won over Marcelo.

The senior dog can still kick it into high gear when there are little ones to play with, and her desire for playtime was A-OK with the toddler. That’s when he started to become more and more curious about the dog. And while it wasn’t love at first sight, it was love at first kiss.

The first time the 13-year-old chihuahua licked Marcelo, they became the best of friends.

“It just won him over,” Brookhouser told The Dodo.

Mini really helped Marcelo acclimate to his new home. She was his first friend and was happy to show him the ropes and be a constant presence in his life (whether he liked it or not!).

“I think she’s like a comfort blanket to him,” Brookhouser said. “He’s just gotta know she’s there and she’s just gotta be there.”

And when we say these two are inseparable now, we mean it. Mini follows Marcelo everywhere – she will even watch him in the bathtub.

Now Marcelo doesn’t like to be without Mini either. Even when he’s playing with his most interesting toys, he wants his bestie nearby.

Meanwhile, Marcelo’s mom has enjoyed watching their friendship blossom and is grateful to the senior pup for being a gentle and patient teacher as the boy overcomes his fear of dogs.

And she’s hoping that keeping up with a kiddo will help keep Mini young and spry.

The Arkansas family has two kids and two dogs (and lots of fosters – including two new kittens!). And while Marcelo and Mini are two peas in a pod, the little boy has managed to broaden his horizons and share time with dog Jack as well.

He’s become quite the animal lover!

After The Dodo first aired a video of Marcelo and Mini earlier this year, the Brookhousers have been getting messages from around the world.Holly Brookhouser says she wants the video to show people just how loving rescue dogs can be and encourage more people to adopt.

“My whole goal in sharing them was to show people that rescue dogs can be pretty awesome and to give them a chance,” she told CBS 5 News.

Their video was so popular that The Dodo made a second one, which has been viewed over 25 MILLION times on Facebook alone in the last week!

Make sure you follow the adventures of these two besties on Instagram at @marceloandmini.

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