Two Pit Bulls Casually Stroll Into Hospital And Take Themselves On A Tour

The St. Luke’s Anderson Campus hospital is not a stranger to unusual situations, given that they deal with emergencies on a daily basis. But this was a situation they were neither prepared for nor trained to handle. Surveillance footage released by the hospital shows two Pit Bulls casually walking into the hospital just like any human would, and start strolling around.

Next, we see a man trying to lead the dogs out of the hospital. This is when the polite dogs decide they’re not done with their tour yet and head off to the pharmacy. The man is left confused as to where his four-legged followers went.

As the dogs make their way into the pharmacy, the confused pharmacist behind the counter can hear the footsteps but initially can’t see anyone. The well-mannered pooches manage to attract plenty of attention from the staff before finally deciding to have a drink of water and end their tour.

The hospital then reunited them with their owner, Kathy.  The dogs were well-mannered the entire time. The staff loved the four-legged surprise visitors. Catch their hilarious “visit” in the video below!

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