UPDATE: Couple Rescues Abandoned Dog, Posts Message To The “Dirt Bag” That Dumped Him

Always remember: for anyone who hurts an animal there are several people who will do anything to help.

Danielle Cole and her husband are two of those people.

Her husband was running late when he happened to witness a dog getting dumped. He pulled over to try to help, but the pup was understandably spooked and ran off into the woods.

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Image Source: Danielle Cole via Facebook

“To the dirt bag that threw his dog out in the Allegan forest on 48th street Friday at about 3:30pm,” she addressed him in a heated Facebook post.

“Let me tell you what your dog went through,” she continued. “As you sped off your dog chased after you and ran [as] fast as his little legs would let him until his legs gave out and collapsed on the side of the road.”

By the time her husband got out of the car to help, the terrified pup had disappeared.

He went home and told his wife what had happened, and that evening, the two went back to try and help the dog. They found him where he was abandoned, waiting for his owner to come back. But he was still too timid to come to the couple, and ran off once more.

The next morning they tried again, this time bringing treats and their own pooch to try to coax the scared pup out of the woods. He began to creep near them, but when another passerby stopped to try and help, the dog bolted again.

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Image Source: Danielle Cole via Facebook

The Coles weren’t ready to give up, though.

“A couple hours later we were heading to the fair and I just couldn’t stop thinking about this poor little guy who was thrown from a car, lost, and confused so I decided I would take a bowl of food to him and leave it where he has been hanging out,” she explained in the post. 

When they arrived, they met a few other passers-by who had spotted the dog. They, too, were trying to coax him to safety.

“He was terrified but with [patience] and the help of a sweet little boy we were able to catch him,” Cole explained. 

The couple took him home to make sure he is cared for until they can find him a forever family.

“This handsome little guy is so sweet and loving, he loves my kids especially my son, he likes my other dogs,” she wrote. 

She closed the post with some select words for the person who dumped the pup, hoping that somehow, they’ll get around to him:

“You are a real scumbag and you will answer to what you did one day. PLEASE SHARE THIS FAR AND WIDE SO MAYBE THE DIRT BAG WILL SEE THIS POST.”

In an updated post, Cole was overwhelmed by people’s support and gratitude. As of now, the original story has been shared almost 30,000 times!

Thanks to the Cole family for rescuing this sweet pup, and all those who helped. We know that because of you, he’ll finally get the home that he deserves!

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The Cole kids have named the pooch Safari and are happily showering him with love and affection. Looks like he’s loving life with the whole family! Mrs. Cole told iHeartDogs that her father has “fallen in love” with the pup, so Safari has found his new forever home and will still enjoy visits from the family who saved him!

Image Source: Danielle Cole
Image Source: Danielle Cole
Image Source: Danielle Cole


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