When This Baby Chihuahua Howled For The First Time, My Heart Almost Melted!

Maeby, the baby Chihuahua in this video, is learning to use her voice!

She is so tiny that owners are afraid to let her walk anywhere it wants. This is dangerous for the dog.
Like a little baby, the dog is kept in the crib and as any child it does not want to stay there.
Her attempt at howling and barking, however, you want to call it, is irresistibly cute that I just want to run to her and pick her up. She does not seem to like her small enclosure so she is trying to get her owner’s attention.
I do not blame her. Who wants to be enclosed? Being FREE is so much more fun! Make sure you have the volume turned on when you watch this video so you can hear her tiny voice.

The Chihuahua breed tends to bond with its master and is affectionate with its owner. They are indoor dogs, are very lively and needs daily exercise.
And it looks like that is what little Maeby needs, some cuddling and affection!

Her howl is so touching! When baby started howling, my heart melted! SHARE AWAY!

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