Woman spots homeless man pushing cart with stray dogs and asks for his story

Sometimes, being nosy isn’t that bad.

The number of homeless people and animals is on the rise, especially during the pandemic. But even before the global outbreak of the coronavirus, homelessness was already there.

It’s been a life-long problem in every country, even the richest ones.

Speaking of the homeless, the man in this story was one of them but little did he know – his life was about to change.

It’s all thanks to a “nosy” stranger.

Being too curious about things is not always a bad thing. In fact, it could possibly lead to an unforgettable experience.

Humans are naturally kind.

When we run into someone who needs help, even without asking, we’d go ahead and help, wouldn’t you agree?

That’s what exactly happened to Alicia while she was driving near her home. She saw something on the side of the road and right there and then, she knew she had to pull over.

A homeless man was pushing a cart filled with 11 little stray dogs.

The sight broke her heart into pieces, it hit Alicia from head to toe. The heartbreak even went deeper, when she learned about his story.

His name is Steve and he was on his way to Indiana.

According to him, he’s been homeless for 14 years since 2001.

During those long years of living on the streets, he still found goodness despite not having that much. Steve spent many years taking care of stray dogs that he came across with.

His being homeless didn’t stop him from helping.

He spent most of his resources to meet the dogs their needs.

What a selfless man he truly is! It’s indeed true that sometimes, those who have less give more.

With his heartbreaking yet inspiring story, Alicia decided to help Steve to the best of her ability.

She shared Steve’s story and seek for help from the local community. Soon, she set up a fundraiser for him online, with hopes that they’d collect enoug

Surprisingly, donations reached over three times their goal.

The donations came down pouring over Steve and his beloved dogs. Apart from the overwhelming donations, another kindhearted person stepped in to help.

Her name is Kelley Seaton, an animal advocate who works at Animal Rescue Corps. She offered to drive Steve and his dogs all the way to Indiana.

Seaton didn’t mind the long drive, in fact, she even shared Steve and the dogs’ story on her Facebook account.

When they arrived in Indiana, Steve and his adorable pack of pups were all able to stay at a pet-friendly motel. They all snuggled comfortably, it’s probably the first decent place that they’ve been to in a while.

Rescue was on its way for the dogs.

Steve also spoke with an animal welfare worker and was offered assistance in taking care of his dogs. They’re able to stay at the motel for a couple of weeks and it’s all thanks to the kind people who kept on sending them financial help.

A group of people even donated a trailer so Steve and his dogs can have a temporary place to stay. It’s a lot better than having nothing to protect their heads from the extremities of the weather.

Steve is truly a remarkable person, he is an inspiration to everyone. He proved to us all that we are not defined by our life status. In his case, he’s able to help these dogs that are also homeless like him.

We hope that he and his pack of adorable pups soon get a forever home they can call their own.

Yes, he doesn’t have much but he is willing to share what he has. Thank you, Steve!

See how the community changed Steve and his dogs’ lives below!

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